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Friday, 03 December 2021 13:32

Wedang Dongo

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Wedang is a ginger-based beverage which is popular in many regions in Java Island. "Wedang"  in Javanese language means hot beverage  and indeed,  it is usually served hot or warm. There are various types of Wedang in Java. In Solo, Central Java, at least,  there are  6 types of Wedang known to the local people,  such as Wedang Ronde, Wedang Asle, Wedang Dongo, Wedang Jahe, Wedang Kacang and Wedang Serbat. But today, we would like to invite you to get to know one of them,namely Wedang Dongo.

There is a mixture of fried peanuts, kolang-kaling, and sticky rice balls filled with finely ground peanuts in a portion of Wedang Dongo. The sauce of Wedang Dongo  is more brown in color with a stronger ginger taste. This beverage is very appropriate to warm the body and  it is appropriately enjoyed in the cold  weather. You only need to pay from Rp 2,500 to Rp 5,000 per portion of this Wedang Dongo

Allegedly in the past times, this beverage was only able to be enjoyed by the nobles or the royal family. Besides, because it originally comes from China, Wedang Dongo is also often served in religious events and prayers, particularly on Chinese New Year. Nowadays, everyone can taste the delicacy of Wedang Dongo  any time.

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