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Hasil gambar untuk foto barong ider bumi


Osing people of Kemiren village, Glagah district, Banyuwangi regency, East Java has unique tradition, so-called ‘Barong Ider Bumi’. The tradition is routinely held on the second day of Idul Fitri, or 2 Syawal of Islamic calendar. Because, number 2 has its own meaning for Osing people. Kemiren people always associate the tradition with thing which is in a pair such as heaven and hell, men and women, day and night. Besides, some traditions of Kemiren villagers are often held on Tuesday and Thursday. Barong Ider Bumi tradition is traditional ritual. The ritual is clean ceremony of the village.

Usually, the ceremony begins at 2 o’clock PM. Osing people are taboo to conduct the tradition beyond the time, because beyond the specified time, it is believed to bring about disaster to the community. Barong is a kind of custom with mask and accessories as depictions of frightening animal. In mythology of Osing people, Barong is believed as symbol of kindness which has ability to cast out bad evils. 

Osing people believe that by conducting Barong Ider Bumi tradition, a year life will make happy. The ceremony is held as form of gratitude to the Almighty on His blessing to give peace and prosperity to villagers. In addition, Barong Ider Bumi tradition is believed to be able to drive away disaster or bad luck. In belief of Osing people, Barong can be possessed by the soul of ancestor. the word of Ider bumi is compound words, namely ider and bumi. Ider means to go around and bumi means earth. So, the two words mean an event of going around the earth.

In accordance with its name, the point of Barong Ider Bumi ritual is to parade barong going around the village. Before Barong is paraded, the village elders play Angklung at village’s hall to begin the ritual. Afterwards, all Kemiren villagers come out from the houses and then they begin to parade Barong Osing from the entrance gate of the village to the exit gate of the village.  Along the parade, traditional figures spread coins, yellow rice and flower to the street and these are seized by kids. The ritual is named ‘Sembur  utik-utik’.

During Barong Osing parade, those Barongs are also followed by the elders who walk side by side while carrying incense and reading prayer for security of all villagers. The parade is accompanied by Osing traditional music. At the end of the village, the villagers and the Barong players seize bananas which are displayed. They believe if they eat the bananas, they will be safe and to be given  simplicity in their life.

After conducting the ritual, the villagers hold ceremony as closing. It is the peak of the event, ceremony by using ‘Tumpeng pecel pitik’, namely kampong chicken which is roasted and sprinkled with grated young coconut and ingredients.

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