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Monday, 04 June 2018 12:42

Tangkahan, North Sumatera

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North Sumatera has a natural tourism object which can be family’s recreation place with fresh air and green trees. The tourism object is called ‘Tangkahan’. Tangkahan is an eco-tourism which has been well known until abroad. Even, due to its beauty, Tangkahan is well-known by many people as “The hidden paradise”. It is located at Mt. Leuser National Park, precisely at Langkat regency, North Sumatera. Tangkahan is one of Indonesian regions, whose primate quantity is the most varieties in the world and the habitat for some earth species which are endangered. Tourism activity which can be enjoyed at Tangkahan is adventuring, swimming and trekking at tropical forest. For you who want to do trekking, you can take a walk accompanied by tourism guide or you can ride an elephant of Sumatera. Uniquely, the ridden elephants are trained ones that are also used to patrol or protect National Park from illegal activities such as hunting, and illegal logging. There are 3 trekking lines in the regions, beginning from soft trekking for kids or family until adventure. When trekking, you will be accompanied by local guide so that you can enjoy hidden natural wealth in the region. When trekking, you can visit interesting places at Tangkahan. One of them is Buluh and Batang Serangan rivers’ meeting which has small waterfall. You must walk to river basin around 100 meters to reach the waterfall. Sitting under the waterfall and feeling the freshness of the water are very pleasant. At Tangkahan, there is also bat cave. It is named the bat cave because it is the habitat for thousands of bats. But do not have to worry, the cave is very safe to be entered. Another activity which can be done is called ‘Tubing’. The activity makes you feel the heavy stream of rivers at Tangkahan by rafting and using inner-tube. While conquering the heavy stream of rivers at Tangkahan, you can also enjoy the beauty of the riverside. Various kinds of interesting activities can be enjoyed if you visit Tangkahan village which can be accessed through Medan, the capital city of North Sumatera around 3 until 4 hours by land transportation. Over there, there are also lodging and interesting tourism packages which can be chosen.

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