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Floating Market of Bajo Tribe

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Bajo tribe has a traditional settlement which is located at Bangko village, Maginti district, Muna regency, Southeast Sulawesi. The territory of the Bangko village, which is in the west part of Muna Island, includes land and sea.  The settlement at Bangko village is built on the sea which has a distance around 600 meters from Muna Island so that as if it is a floating settlement. Among many Bajo tribe settlements in Southeast Sulawesi, Bangko village is one of Bajo tribe’s villages which still preserves the tradition which exists on the sea until now. Meanwhile, another Bajo tribe settlement has lived permanently at the edge of the beach or built house on land.The name of Bangko village was taken from an island near the settlement which was built, namely Bangko Island. Bangko in Bajo language means ‘mangrove’. The island is named Bangko Island because the island is covered by 95 percent of mangrove. Since the past, Bajo tribe has relies its life from the sea and has life which is never far from the sea. Bajo tribe is always identical with boat and settlement on the sea. Because in the past, the people of Bajo tribe only lived on the boat and moved from one place to another. Their habit changed by living permanently and they also build their house on shallow sea until now. To Bangko village, the trip starts from Raha city (the capital city of Muna regency) to Pajala village at Maginti district by using personal car or rental car. The trip has a distance around 70 kilometers. Arriving at Pajala village, the trip is continued by boat with distance around 7 kilometers. The fee to ride the boat is around Rp 100,000/person.

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