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Monday, 11 June 2018 12:50

Sombori Island, Central Sulawesi

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The sea territory of Tolo gulf geographically enters into Central Sulawesi province. Its sea has great marine biota. Thus, the sea is utilized as marine tourism object. The beauty of Tolo gulf can be enjoyed from Sombori Island. The island is located at the South of Tolo gulf, precisely in Morowali regency between South Bungku district and Menui Kepulauan district. Sombori is conservation area consisting of clusters of beautiful atolls. Part of the island becomes residence of fishermen, but there are more empty places without being touched by human beings. Sombori area can be accessed through Kendari, the capital city of Southeast Sulawesi. And then, you can choose through land or sea transportation. If you choose land transportation, the trip takes for 6 hours to Lafeu port, Bungku Pesisir district. Then, this is continued by using sea transportation around 1 hour to Sombori island. While if you use sea transportation, it will take a half day by ship. While if you use speedboat, it takes only around 4 until 5 hours. To enter Sombori island, you will be welcomed by amazing scenery.  The sea has quite waves and also high cliff at the left and right side. To enter more deeply, more amazing sceneries will welcome you. There are many clusters of atolls in various sizes and forms. There is  prominent coral without vegetation so that giant coral is covered with shady and exotic trees. The atolls have beach with white and clean sand. With sea conservation area around 41,000 hectares, Sombori is a heaven for lovers of undersea activities. There are various kinds of forms and colors of animals and there is also coral spreading in the ocean. Sea anemone, which becomes home for various ornamental fish, shakes following the stream. Akropora or table coral can be easily found here. Currently, many tourism packages are offered to visit Sombori island with affordable cost. 

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