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Monday, 20 December 2021 00:00

Indonesian Universities Need Transformation and Collaboration

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Indonesian higher education institutions are asked to continue to transform and strengthen collaboration with various stakeholders, including the business world and industry, government, non-governmental organizations, professional organizations, the public, and the media. These efforts are important so that universities can respond to the challenges of changing times.

Vice President, Ma'ruf Amin while attending the 5th International Seminar and Conference on Global Issues 2021, online, last Saturday (18/12) said that transformation and collaboration are needed to make Indonesia's higher education a world class.

Based on the assessment of the QS World Universities Ranking 2022, there are seven universities in Indonesia that are included in the list of the best 1,000 universities in the world, including Gajah Mada University which is in 254th position and University of Indonesia in 290th position.

In the ranking, the methodology used is to evaluate each institution based on six indicators, including research collaboration with international parties, academic reputation, and graduate reputation.

According to Vice President Ma’ruf Amin, collaboration and transformation can be applied in several frameworks. First, it’s rejuvenating the governance and management of the education system, including research and development, by prioritizing good university governance. In addition, higher education as a motor of innovation can initiate collaboration in the form of joint research. This is important so that financing is more efficient, and the development of science and technology is in line with the needs of industry and society.

Second, it’s reviewing the research methodology so that it is adaptive to advances in information technology. He gave an example that many research institutions have utilized artificial intelligence and big data in mass surveys.

The third effort is by increasing international cooperation between universities at the individual level, such as exchange programs between lecturers and between students. VP Ma'ruf Amin hopes that this program can improve the quality of lecturer research, the quality of alumni, teaching and learning models and community service programs.

Then, he asked for higher education as a cultural center and a driver of social change towards a society that is democratic, forward-looking, as well as having faith and noble character.

If these points of collaboration and transformation can be implemented, the hope to make universities in Indonesia a world class and answer the challenges of the times can be achieved.

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