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Tuesday, 21 December 2021 20:41

Ministry of Religious Affairs launches the 2021 Religious Harmony Index

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The Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) in Surakarta, Central Java, Monday (20/12) launched the 2021 Religious Harmony Index. The launch is a strategic step because it becomes a space for policy research dissemination in the form of mapping the condition of religious harmony in Indonesia and the dynamics of actual religion. This was conveyed by Head of the Ministry of Research and Development and Education and Training Agency, Achmad Gunaryo on the sidelines of the event. He added that the launch of the 2021 religious harmony index also aims to find a solution formula for better religious policies. He acknowledged that symptoms of intolerance, extremism, and disharmony still occur in several regions across Indonesia. According to Gunaryo, the government needs to be present as a part of the solution to various religious dynamics that occur in the country. Thereby, according to Gunaryo, discussing and offering the concept of religious moderation and strengthening conditions of religious harmony are an appropriate option.

During the launch, it was revealed that the 2021 Religious Harmony Index reached a value of 72.39. This value increased compared to last year which reached a value of 67.46. This means that the efforts of the government and all Indonesian people to live more harmoniously and tolerantly are quite successful.

The founding people of this country have realized that religious and cultural diversity is not only the wealth of this nation, but also a source of disputes. Therefore, they devised the appropriate formula to form the basis for the founding of the Republic of Indonesia.

Until now, Pancasila has been the most appropriate state basis for Indonesia. If all the five precepts of Pancasila are truly implemented by all Indonesian people, there will be no more friction due to religious, cultural and economic factors. Therefore, improving understanding of Pancasila must continue to be carried out. With a better understanding, social life will also be better. Hopefully next year, the Religious Harmony Index will be better compared with this year.

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