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Wednesday, 22 December 2021 10:21

Year-End Notes: Political Constellation of the US, Russia and China

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Three major and influential countries in the world, namely the United States, Russia and China, are carrying out political maneuvers towards the end of 2021. On December 7, US President Joe Biden held a virtual meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia. A week later, on December 15 to be exact, Chinese President Xin JiPing also met with Putin through an audio-visual network.

In contrast to Joe Biden who warned Russia not to put pressure on Ukraine, Xin JiPing emphasized the need for a strategic partnership with Vladimir Putin.

It can be seen that by raising the issue of Ukraine, the United States besides reminding Russia, also wants to emphasize its support for NATO member countries. The United States views NATO members who are also members of the European Union as strategic partners that must be embraced properly.

If Russia and the United States view tensions in Ukraine as an important issue, then the relationship between the United States and China has a problem because of the Taiwan factor. The question then, will the constellation and increasing tensions between the United States and China, and the United States and Russia, will be able to ignite further conflicts that lead to the deployment of weapons?

As is known, the three major countries now have military weapons equipped with very large missiles. Each has several aircraft carriers, thousands of advanced fighter jets, there are also hundreds of warships. In addition, the three countries also have nuclear-powered submarines. In fact, their military strength, is estimated to be able to reach almost the entire face of the earth.

Therefore, the increasing tension between the three, especially if there is an armed conflict, will certainly have a big impact internationally. It's no secret that each of these three powers has partners or alliances with other countries. The trade war between the United States and China that occurred some time ago, for example, has caused a wide economic impact in various countries.

Therefore, even if there is an escalation of tensions between the three countries, there needs to be efforts from each party to defuse it. History shows that conflict never brings good and war will always cause destruction.

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