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Rapa'i Geleng Dance from Aceh

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Rapa'i Geleng is a dance originating from Manggeng; it is included in the Southwest Aceh Regency area. This dance is estimated to have developed since 1965. However, it started becoming popular in the 1980s and became widely known after being shown at the Aceh Cultural Week in 2004. It is not clear who the creator is. This dance uses the Rapa'i percussion instrument, that is a percussion instrument similar to the tambourine that developed along with Islamic Da'wah in the coastal areas of Aceh. When this dance is being performed, dancers often shake their heads. So, this dance is then known as Rapa'i Geleng.

The Rapai Geleng dance is performed to fill the void of time when students are bored after studying. Then, this dance is used as a means of Da'wah and now it has developed into entertainment.  This dance is also always performed at wedding ceremonies, circumcision, and performances at events welcoming guests of honor.

The Rapa'i Geleng dance is performed by 12 dancers. This dance was originally only performed by men. But in its development, it can also be danced by women. Of course, it is danced separately. When dancing, the dancers wear black-and-yellow costumes combined with red beads. They dance to the beat of drums while singing. The poem that is brought is socialization to the community about how to live in society, religion and solidarity that is upheld. For Acehnese people, this dance is a symbol of religion, instills moral values in the community, and also explains how to live in society.

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