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Wednesday, 22 December 2021 10:28

Bone Bulusan Beach

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Banggai Laut is one of regencies in Central Sulawesi province which always offers natural charm, beginning from waterfalls until amazing beaches. In today’s edition, I am going to introduce you to Bone Bulusan Beach. The beach which is located in Kelapa Lima village, South Banggai district, Central Sulawesi province, will really spoil your eyes with the beauty of the natural scenery. Unlike some beaches in Indonesia in general, this beach is shady and cool. This beach has a blue sea graded tosca color, soft and yellowish sand, gray coral cliffs, and fresh green trees, which will definitely make you feel at home on this beach.

The distance of Bone Bulusan Beach is only 15 kilometers from the Regency Capital, but unfortunately, the road to this beach is not smooth. If you want to go to this beach, you should use motor vehicles, such as a minibus to get to this beach. After arriving at the parking lot, you still have to walk 100 meters to reach the beach. There are no public facilities around the beach, such as food stalls or toilets. So, make sure you bring your necessities before going to this beach.

Bone Bulusan Beach is not fully managed by the local government, but its beauty does not stop tourists from visiting. During this Covid-19 pandemic, the management of this beach continues to carry out health protocols so that you and your family can enjoy a healthy and comfortable vacation.

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