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Monday, 03 January 2022 09:48

Roah Segare Tradition from West Nusa Tenggara

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The Roah Segare Tradition is a form of gratitude to the God for the fishing community at Kuranji Dalang Village due to  abundant marine products. The Roah Segare is held every Muharram month in the Hijri calendar. They have carried out this tradition from generation to generation until now in a bid to avoid all kinds of calamities.

The Roah Segare procession begins with the recitation of BarzanjiSelakaran (doing dhikr and sholawat of the Prophet Muhammad together, while standing, and forming a circle), and also a prayer to AllahThen, it is continued by praying for Dulang Penamat (offerings) to be taken to the beach. The Dulang is then thrown into the sea. The floating process is a symbol of the fishing community's gratitude for the abundant marine products. In this tradition, there are several customary provisions that must be carried out. For example, fishermen are not allowed to go to sea to look for fish for three days after the Roah Segare ritual takes placeThis is intended to give the sea time to recover for a moment, after all this time being taken by fishermen. If this rule is violated, the local community believes, fishermen will get into troubleAfter three days, fishermen can go to sea with new hope and enthusiasm, namely to get an abundant catch.

After the procession is completed, the community and guests are served with the food that has been prayed for. They do the Begibung tradition or eat together in one large container or tray. Eating together is a form of togetherness and kinship for the fishermen on Kuranji Beach. Roah Segare is now not just a tradition. This tradition of Lombok people continues to be carried out and developed as one of the tourism icons in West Lombok.

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