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If you want to have a new adventurous experience at the beginning of this new year, maybe Ciampea lime mountain can be your next adventure destination. The mountain, which was used to be a former limestone mine, has been transformed into a tourism destination whose view is beautiful enough. Located in Ciampea, Bogor, West Java, this limestone mountain has three peaks, namely Batu Roti, Galau, and Lalana.  The highest peak is Lalana Peak which is located at an altitude of 385 meters above sea level. The height of Lalana Peak is low for a mountain, but you have to be physically fit because the terrain that must be traversed to the top is quite steep. However, this limestone mountain is quite recommended for inexperienced climbers.

In addition to its strange tracking, Ciampea lime mountain also has a special area for camping provided for visitors to set up tents. Even more unique, this camping ground tends to resemble a helicopter pad. This campground is quite large because it can accommodate as many as 15-20 tents. This tourism spot is not only for trekking and camping, but also for exploring its own charm. According to the local residents, the area has more than 20 caves. This natural phenomenon is often the object of research for archeologists. One of the most famous caves in Ciampea lime mountain is AC Cave.

For the entrance ticket price at this Ciampea lime mountain, you will be charged Rp5,000 per person. If you bring personal motor vehicles, such as a motorbike, you will be charged a parking fee worth Rp5,000, and a car Rp 10,000. The facilities in this tourism destination are also quite complete, clean and adequate, such as a prayer room and toilet. If you don't bring a tent, the management provides a tent for rent with a fairly cheap price. If you want to visit this tourism spot, don't forget to always comply with health protocols namely wearing masks, maintaining distance, and washing hands.

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