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Pasambahan dance

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Pasambahan dance is one of the traditional dances  of Minangkabau that develops in many regions in the province of West Sumatra. The dance is performed at the welcoming ceremony as a greeting dance and an expression of respect to the guests of honor. Besides, the Pasambahan dance is also often performed at weddings to welcome the bride and groom. When the guests of honor or the bride and groom enter the room, the dancers usually carry a nobility umbrella and cover the guests or brides to their seat as a sign of respect.

Dancers of Pasambahan dance  are generally women. They are colorfully dressed with accessories and headdresses. They also dance gracefully following the accompaniment of traditional Minangkabau musical instruments, namely Talempong and Gendang. Talempong is a traditional percussion of typical instrument of the Minangkabau tribe. It is made of brass or wood. The shape is a circle with a diameter of 15 to 17.5 centimeters; there is a hole at the bottom while at the top, there is a protruding circle with a diameter of five centimeters as a place to hit.

After the Pasambahan dance is performed, the program continues with the presentation of betel leaves in a carano, a kind of tray filled with betel leaves to the guests. At the time of the wedding ceremony, the betel leaf treats are given to the parents of the groom as a representative of the entourage. The betel leaf in the carano is also usually served to the parents of the bride and groom. This is a symbol of the hospitality of the Minang people and also a symbol that the Minang people accept and want to establish friendships with guests who come. Pasambahan dance used to be an exclusive dance as a welcoming dance. However, now its function has changed. The dance is now used not only to welcome the guests, but also to entertain the present people.

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