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Gegog Rice

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Trenggalek, a regency in East Java is located on the southern coast of Java Island. The topography of the Trenggalek area is identical to the mountains; one of them is in the Bendungan sub-district, northern area of Trenggalek City. The majority of the people in the sub-district work as farmers. To speed up the work and avoid the heat, they come to the fields as early as possible. The situation has made the housewives creative in preparing fast and delicious lunch. Thus, the idea of making so-called ‘Sego Gegog’ is made.

The name Sego Gegog is an acronym for “Sego Genem Godhong Gedhang” which means rice punel (fluffy and lumpy rice) that is wrapped in banana leaves. In a packet of Gegog rice, there is white rice and its side dish, namely anchovy sauce with a mixture of small tempeh slices. Besides anchovies, there are also people who use tuna and gizzard. Initially, the rice is half cooked, then it is wrapped in banana leaves with the side dish. Afterwards, it is steamed until cooked. Nasi Gegok is wrapped in small pieces. With a small portion, one person can spend 2 to 3 packs of Gegog rice.

When it is eaten, you will immediately smell the aroma of banana leaves. This typical food of Trenggalek is even more delicious, when it is combined with the spicy taste of the side dishes. Usually, the stalls selling this dish also sell fried side dishes, such as fried tempeh, fried tofu and many others. The Gegog rice can be enjoyed at food stalls in Trenggalek sub-district. But if you want to enjoy Gegog rice with an original taste, you can also try it in the Bendungan sub-district. The price of Sego Gegog is from Rp 3000 to Rp 5000/portion.

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