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Every region in Indonesia has its own special cuisine. For example, the Magelang area of Central Java has many special foods; one of which is Senerek soup. This soup is a typical one of Magelang, Central Java. Supposedly, this soup was adapted from Dutch cuisine. Senerek comes from the Dutch vocabulary, namely 'Snert' which means pea soup. In the past, the Dutch soldiers often cooked 'Snert Soup’ in Magelang . However, because the tongue of the local community has difficulty pronouncing snert, the term Senerek was created.

In addition to peas, Senerek soup consists of pieces of beef or chicken, carrots, and celery leaves which are then mixed with broth. This food is served in various versions; there is a clear soup but there is also a thick one. When eaten, this soup tastes so savory and delicious with the inherent aroma of pepper. Senerek soup is more delicious when eaten with warm rice. In addition, this soup will be even more delicious if enjoyed with side dishes, such as tempeh, tofu, meat perkedel or potato cake, and prawn Bakwan.

This soup is very rich in nourishment because it uses beef and broth, and then added with peas which are full of protein and carrots and tomatoes which are rich in vitamins. This soup is suitable for maintaining body stamina. If you are interested in tasting Senerek soup, this typical food is widely sold in food stalls in Magelang City with the price ranging from Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 20,000 per serving.

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