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Friday, 28 January 2022 00:00

Maron River in Pacitan

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Pacitan Regency in East Java is famous for its beautiful beaches, such as Klayar, Banyu Tibo, Buyutan and Srau. In addition, Pacitan also has many other wonderful tourism destinations.  One of them is the Maron River. Due to its beauty and authenticity, the river gets the nickname “the Amazon River“ coming from East Java. The distance is about 40 kilometers from the Pacitan square, while it takes approximately one hour by motorcycle.

You have to pay an entrance ticket of Rp 5,000 to enter the Maron River tourism attraction. By walking 20 meters from the entrance, you will arrive at the river bank. Here, you will see a row of boats docking at the side of the river on a small dock. To enjoy the wonder of this tourism area, you have to try the river crossing adventure. You can also rent boats owned by the local residents with a maximum capacity of 6 people. Before going down the river, you are recommended to wear a life jacket. Tour along the river stretches for 4.5 kilometers for 45 minutes.

When you go down this river, you will enter a river that divides the forest area. It is not surprising that the destination is nicknamed the 'Amazon' of Indonesia. It is because the right and left sides of the river are surrounded with shady tropical forests. Along the river, you will enjoy the bluish green water of the Maron River. Coming closer to the end of the riverside tourism route, you will go along the coral hills near the beach. During the trip along the river, you can also enjoy some interesting photo spots. There is one favorite photo spot, namely a swing that is attached to a large tree trunk above the river. You can relax by sitting on the swing with your feet touching the surface of the river. But, of course, the best spot is by sitting at the end of the boat which has a backdrop of lush trees and streams. This walking river tourism trip will end at Ngiroboyo Beach. You can go down for a moment and enjoy the atmosphere of the beach. The boat driver will wait for two hours maximumly before returning to the dock. Besides the river activity, you can also swim and fish in the Maron River. The tourism attraction is equipped with toilets, restaurants, and a large parking lot.

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