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Kue Pinyaram

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On a culinary tour to the province of West Sumatra, there are lots of delicious traditional foods. One of them is Pinyaram. The shape is simple, flat round 10 centimeters in diameter, and white or brown. In the middle of the Pinyaram meat is a little thick as if there is a buildup of sugar, with a sweet and sticky taste. If one enjoys sweet-tasting culinary delights, they must try Pinyaram, when one day visiting West Sumatra.

Pinyaram is made from fried rice flour and palm sugar. There are two types of Pinyaram known by the Minangkabau people, namely White and Black. The difference between these two types is only in the raw ingredients. The white Pinyaram uses white rice, while the black one is made from black rice. However, another variant, such as green Pinyaram made from Suji or Pandan leaves can often also be found. Regarding taste, Pinyaram can now be varied with various flavors, such as banana, durian, and so on. Currently, Pinyaram also has various sizes; some are small, medium until plate-sized, depending on individual tastes and preferences.

In Minangkabau, Pinyaram is often a special food at traditional ceremonies, such as weddings, religious events, a celebration of Prophet Muhammad, and Eid Al-fitr. Now, the traditional food is intended for not only traditional ceremonies but also snacks. Generally, this traditional Minangkabau cake can be found not only in traditional markets in West Sumatra but also in all regions in Indonesia. In various regions of Indonesia, Pinyaram cake is also known by various other names or designations, such as Kue Cucur in Jakarta, and some areas on the islands of Java and Sulawesi, Kue Dumpi in West Sulawesi, or Kue Kocor on the island of Madura. Pinyaram cakes are sold from Rp1000 to 2000 per piece.

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