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Rindu Hati Village

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If you travel to Bengkulu, please visit one of the unique tourism villages, namely the Rindu Hati tourism village. Rindu Hati Village is precisely located in Taba Penanjung subdistrict and it takes about 40 minutes from the provincial capital by motor vehicles. Rindu Hati Village has several natural tourism destinations. First, there is Curug Hujan ( Hujan Waterfall ) which is about 15 meters high. To arrive at the waterfall, you have to cross the residents' plantations for approximately 30 minutes. When you arrive at the waterfall, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and the water is very clear. You can also play in the water there. Then, you can also visit Cuup Jen waterfall and Supit waterfall which are also beautiful. Even, you can also visit the Rindu Hati River, and you can enjoy this clear river flow by bathing in the river. Besides, you can also get relaxed or have a picnic at the bank of the river.

In this Bengkulu Province, there is also Lake Telaga Putri which offers beautiful views with cool air. The atmosphere is still very natural. You can track to head for the lake, then you can go camping at the bank of the lake. In Rindu Hati Village, there is also a stone boat tour, or buteu jung. This stone is identical to the legend of Putri Gading Cempaka who is narrated to ride a boat from the Muara Bangkahulu River to the Rindu Hati River. For those who like challenging activities, they can also try rock climbing at Bukit Endu with a height of about 75 meters. Or you can also choose river tubing by using tires.

For those of you who want to stay overnight, you can try the sensation of glamping or glamor camping such as an inn in the form of a modern tent. There are eight glamping units provided with a size of 3x3 meters. Each tent is equipped with facilities such as mattresses, pillows, blankets, drinking water, and breakfast. The attraction of staying in this glamping area is the location of the tent is directly across from the river so that the view is really beautiful. Moreover, for those of you who love coffee, the tourism village also has a superior commodity, namely red pickled coffee. Robusta type red coffee is grown at an altitude of 200-800 meters above sea level and it produces a delicious cream and a thin layer of foam. This coffee can be appropriately combined with espresso.

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