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Monday, 07 February 2022 07:56

Sendang Banyu Biru, East Java

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Gresik City located in East Java Province is well-known not only for its industrial city, but also its attractive tourism destination as many other regions have across Indonesia. Moreover, in Gresik, there is also a natural tourism spot. Visitors can enjoy the coolness of the day. The tourism spot is called Sendang Banyu Biru or in English it means a lake which has bluish water.

Sendang Banyu Biru is one of the tourism attractions in Lowayu Village, Dukun District, Gresik. This place is very beautiful and someone can spoil themselves from daily activities. Sendang Banyu Biru Lowayu Gresik is charming and interesting to visit. If you do not visit Gresik City, please pay a visit to this extremely tourism spot.

According to its name, Sendang Banyu Biru has clear bluish water, which is the main attraction. The water of this lake is blue because of the sulfur content. The local people believe that the existence of Sendang Banyu Biru has been known for a long time, even before the Dutch colonial period. In addition, the lake water is also believed to cure various skin diseases.

The facilities at Sendang Banyu Biru that are currently available include a vehicle parking area, prayer room, and bathroom. If you don't bring food and drink supplies, you don't need to worry because not far from the location, there is a simple food stall owned by the local residents. If in the future, you will visit East Java Province, don't forget to stop by Gresik to visit Sendang Banyu Biru. To go to this tourism spot by any motor vehicles, you may head to Lowayu Village, Dukun District, Gresik, East Java.

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