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Trayan Palace in West Kalimantan

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If you travel to East Kalimantan, please visit Keraton Trayan Palace which has been designated as a cultural heritage and even it is used as a cultural tourism attraction. The palace is located in Pedalaman Village, Tayan Hilir Subdistrict, Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan. It is about 94 kilometers from Pontianak City or it can be reached  for approximately 1.5 hours by motor vehicles. This building is a remnant of the Trayan Kingdom. The Tayan Kingdom itself had been known actively from 1683 to 1967, before West Kalimantan was inaugurated as a part of the Republic of Indonesia. In 1967, the Tayan Kingdom was inactive,  and it was left abandoned without a ruling king. Now, it has already been under the control of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Tayan Palace has a two-story stilt building made of ironwood. It is divided into five parts or rooms: the foyer, hall, court room, throne room, and kitchen. Like most palaces in Kalimantan, the Tayan Palace faces the southern part of the Kapuas River. The physical building of the palace is 110 meters long, and 70 meters wide, and it is built on 110 wooden poles which are two meters high. The front porch has 10 glass windows and the entrance on the south side which is in the middle is two glass doors. Meanwhile, the hall itself is an outbuilding which was built in 1931. Previously, the hall was used as a place for the Sultan to receive important guests and royal officials. Another part of this area is the room which is currently used to store royal heirlooms, gamelan, and cannon weaponry.

There is a siding room and it functions as a family meeting room, marriage ceremony room, and a meeting room for royal staff in the middle of the palace building. Moreover, there is also a throne room at the  back of the building that used to serve as the seat of the sultan and the empress. Initially, the floor of this room was higher than the courtroom, but now the floor height is equivalent to the courtroom. The last, the kitchen, which was originally only a connecting alley between the main building and the kitchen, but now it has been used as a place for cooking. Recently, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing carried out the arrangement of the Tayan Palace area. Besides being a cultural tourism destination, this area can also become a new public open space. The arrangements that have been done are improving the roads in the Tayan Palace area, regional drainage, ramps and Kansteen, regional gates, football fields, recreational parks, the Palace yard and Great Mosque, beautification, and lighting.

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