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Monday, 14 February 2022 13:49

Gredoan Tradition from East Java

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The people in East Java, especially the Using community in the village of Macan Putih, Banyuwangi Regency, in fact, have a unique way to find a mate. Single man, who is attracted to a certain woman, must come directly to the woman's house to perform the act of flirting. This tradition is called Gredoan which locally means "to tease". The Gredoan tradition is held once a year. As a matchmaking event, Gredoan is also held to celebrate the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

This tradition begins in the morning when the community first holds a celebration at the mosque. Then in the evening, the girls usually help their parents cook in the kitchen. At that time, the Gredoan tradition takes place. Man, who is attracted to a certain girl, will come to the girl's house. He will insert a stick through the gap in the wall of the house made from bamboo. The girl will then break the stick if she is willing to get acquainted with the man. Then, the man begins to get acquainted while seducing the girl. But their conversation is limited by a bamboo wall where the girl is inside the house and the boy is outside. Now, the rules of the Gredoan tradition are quite different. When the sticks have been broken, they are no longer acquainted and chat against a bamboo wall. Now, the man will be invited to come in and chat in the living room, of course accompanied by the girl's parents. But especially on this traditional night, they are given the freedom to chat until late at night. Frequently, couples who follow this tradition eventually get married.

The Gredoan tradition is very lively. Other residents, ranging from children to adults, parade around the village presenting various kinds of attractions to commemorate this tradition. Some perform fire stick attractions, play Hadrah folk music and carnivals of giant dolls. Among the various attractions, the fire stick attraction is the most eagerly awaited. The fire stick attraction uses bamboo and ropes that are burned at the ends. In this attraction, the local village youths demonstrate their skills in playing fire sticks, starting from showing off the ability to forming formations, Majoret attractions of martial arts.

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