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Tuesday, 15 February 2022 13:27

Tureleto Beach

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Of course, many of you are familiar with the Dead Sea. The lake, which is located in an area between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan, is indeed very famous for its uniqueness. With a high salt content, anyone who enters the Dead Sea will float. In fact, not only the Dead Sea has this uniqueness. Indonesia also has a beach similar to the Dead Sea. The beach is called Tureleto Beach which is located in Nias, North Sumatra. Anyone who is swimming in Tureleto Beach will float. With this uniqueness, this beach deserves to be nicknamed the Dead Sea of Indonesia.

Tureleto Beach is not like the general beaches which are adorned with white sand. On this beach, there are rocks along the shoreline. According to local people, these coral reefs have emerged since the devastating 2005 earthquake that hit Nias and caused the sea water to recede. The existence of these corals is the main attraction for tourists, who visit Tureleto Beach. Moreover, tourists are often seen capturing the shapes of these corals into interesting photo objects.

The existence of these coral reefs also makes Tureleto beach less prone to waves, so the sea is very calm. With the calm water, you can swim as much as you want and you don't have to be afraid of drowning, because the sea water can make you float. There is life in the waters of Tureloto, although the water contains a fairly high salt content. You can also enjoy the view of fish and beautiful coral clusters under the water. You can also enjoy the uniqueness of the marine life on this beach from the shoreline or with snorkeling activities. The clear water makes a variety of marine life clearly visible from the shoreline. Traveling by using a motorized canoe can also be an option for interesting tourism activities on this beach. For those of you who like fishing, Tureleto is heaven. Tureleto beach corner is the best location for fishing.

This beach is included in North Nias Regency, Lahewa District, precisely in Balõfadoro Tuho Village. The distance from the city of Gunung Sitoli, the capital of Nias district is about 80 kilometers. To go to Tureloto Beach is not difficult, even very easy to access. You can use a vehicle, either car or motorbike. From the city of Gunung Sitoli, this beach can be reached for about 2 hours. Gunung Sitoli itself can be accessed from Kuala Namu airport, in Medan, North Sumatra. On Tureleto beach, parking facilities, public bathrooms, huts for shelter and food stalls are available.

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