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Mosaic of Indonesia

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Revitalization planning of Grand Inna Bali Beach Sanur has started on Friday (29/6). The planning is to make Grand Inna Bali Beach becoming icon and state’s hotel in Sanur. According to commissioner council of PT Hotel Indonesia Natour (HIN), Michael Umbas, the revitalization is follow-up of President Joko Widodo’s direction on his visit to Grand Inna Bali Holle and stayed overnight on August 3, 2017. On the occasion, the president asked Grand Inna Bali Beach Hotel and other state own enterprises’ hotel can be able to compete to promote tourism sector in Indonesia. Michael Umbas said through press release on Saturday (30/6) that the seriousness of the president until asking the detail things on hotel development concept shows a high commitment. That is, for a state-owned hotel can play a maximum role in supporting tourism. It is proved that the president’s commitment can be implemented and conducted on Saturday. With the planning, Grand Inna Bali Beach will be developed to be 'Hotel Indonesia Bali' which consists of convention center which is completed with accommodation facility, art market and enriched with eco-park that becomes own attraction. Executive Director of PT HIN,  Iswandi Said stated that as follow up of the planning, in the near future after the fulfillment of permit aspects, his office will conduct ground breaking. The planning of ground breaking will be conducted on October 2018.  

Acting Governor of South Sulawesi, Soni Sumarsono said that Cheng Ho mosque which has Chinese typical architecture is pluralism miniature in Indonesia. Soni when attending Halal Bi Halal or in English means Gathering to ask for forgiveness of Indonesia-China Islamic Association and  H. M. Cheng Hoo Foundation, said  in Gowa regency, South Sulawesi on Saturday that the mosque is unique; the existence of the mosque is pluralism miniature in Indonesia. Cheng Ho mosque has its own characteristics compared with other mosques in general, because it combines Middle East and Chinese nuance and Bugis-Makassar culture, so that it becomes a nice attraction for Muslim community to pray at the mosque. Cheng Hoo Foundation is also building integrated Islamic educational facility with the budget worth around Rp15 billion rupiah.  In regard to this, Soni asked to Gowa regency along with regional government of South Sulawesi to take part. Meanwhile, chairman of the foundation,  Achmad Fran Sudictar said that Cheng Ho mosque is real evidence that tolerance among religious followers  is well preserved in South Sulawesi. 

Researcher of Bung Hatta University mentioned that turtle population on the waters of West Sumatera province is expected to reach 30 thousands. The active researcher, Harfiandri Damanhuri said in Padang, on Saturday that it is population number of adult turtles which enter into West Sumatera waters and landed and spawned at 124 locations. Harfiandri Damanhuri explained that the protected population landed and spawned at the beach and small islands are dominated by three species, namely green, hawksbill and leatherback turtle.  Harfiandri Damanhuri also said that international party noted that there are 7 species of protected turtle and six, among others in Indonesia. From the six species, four species of the turtle are on West Sumatera Waters.  The researchers have begun to be serious conducting research on the turtle since 1999, especially in south coastal regency, Pariaman city, Agam and West Pasaman. Harfiandri explained in 2004 began to become serious attention from Maritike and Fishery Office of West Sumatera and in 2005 there was nationally determination of turtle’s conservation area in West Sumatera. Thus, the government built infrastructure on Karabak Island, South Coast and also Pariaman city and Mentawai regency. Development of infrastructure of turtle’s conservation has given impact on economy for society and the increasing of population. Another impact of the conservation has also increased tourism branding in Minang. Even, the turtle’s conservation has been visited by tourists from 65 countries in the world.

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