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Friday, 25 February 2022 11:00

Raigo Dance

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Raigo is a traditional dance that describes victory in efforts of joy and gratitude for a cheerful harvest. Then, this expression became a movement and at the same time, it became an expression of worship of the Creator. Raigo began to develop in the people of Central Sulawesi, particularly the Kulawi ethnic group. Not all people of the Kulawi have this dance skill. There is an assumption that Raigo is only intended for the Totuangata or the elderly. The knowledge and skill to perform this dance are only limited to the older generation. So, now the number of Raigo dancers is decreasing.

The people of Kulawi in Central Sulawesi know some Raigo Dances. The dance is almost present in the life stages of the people of Kulawi. One of them is Raigo Mpae. Raigo means dance, while Mpae means rice. From its origin, Raigo Mpae or also known as Raigo Vunja is a dance that is held post-rice harvest. The rhythm is full of passion, desire, and belief in the Creator. The chanting poetry containing a moral message accompanies this dance. Moreover, there is a type of Raigo Potinowu dance that is performed during the ceremony to pay the dowry by the groom. Then, the Raigo Pobalai is held at the wedding ceremony, and Raigo Puncumania is held at the circumcision ceremony.

There is also Raigo Bobongka Ombo which is held on the seventh day of the death of a noble. Raigo Popowata is held while waiting for the dead man. Raigo Mpainu is held at a bathing ceremony for heroes who will go to war. Raigo Popatunahou is held when building a new house, and Raigo Pangkasuwia is held to welcome guests. The accompaniment of the Raigo dance is usually sung in a tempo con brio, delce, de Marcia, forte, or presto that accords with the heroic and patriotic theme. The accompaniment song for Raigo was initially sung by a solo singer led by Tapanguli Raigo. Then, it is followed by singing men.

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