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Kembang Soka Waterfall in Yogyakarta

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Kembang Soka Waterfall is located in Jatimulyo Village, Girimulyo District, Kulon Progo Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The waterfall has a distance of about 32 kilometers from Yogyakarta. To go to the waterfall takes approximately one hour by motor vehicles. The road conditions are uphill and winding, especially in hilly areas.Arriving at the parking location, visitors have to walk about 200 meters to reach the waterfall by following the path, passing through the forest belonging to the local community.After arriving at the end of the cliff, you can see the beautiful view of the Kembang Soka waterfall from above. The water always flows throughout the year and is still used by local residents for their daily needs.

The Kembang Soka waterfall is actually the result of the confluence of three springs, namely Kembang Soka (Toyotombo), Tuk Jaran, and Kalimirin springs. These three springs flow into three small waterfalls as high as approximately 5 meters, 15 meters and 30 meters.The three waterfalls then meet in one of the largest streams, approximately 40 meters high. Walking towards the waterfall, you will arrive at the first pool that comes from the Tuk Jaran spring. This pool is the first in the Kembang Soka Waterfall.

Towards the bottom of the valley, there is a path in the form of a wooden bridge, which crosses right in front of the waterfall. The flow of this first waterfall comes from the Mudal River. Keep walking, you will find a fairly large waterfall which is a continuation of the previous flow.The Kembang Soka Waterfall flows into a large pond below. The wooden bridge ends at the pond. This waterfall has several water pools. The water in the pool is so fresh and cool because it comes from springs in Menoreh Hills. When dipping into the pool, you definitely want to swim and soak in the Kembang Soka waterfall pool. Traveling here, you don't need to worry, Kembang Soka Waterfall is equipped with parking lots, bathrooms, and restaurants.

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