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Bukit Lendongara

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Luxury lifestyle and travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveler (CNT) has released 22 recommendations for the best travel destinations to visit throughout 2022. The entire list was selected based on factors, such as great food and drink, historical sites to explore, and places with amazing views. Sumba is one of the recommended tourism destinations in Asia to visit this year. According to CNT's explanation, Sumba can be an alternative holiday destination in Indonesia besides Bali. If you want a peaceful post-pandemic trip, Sumba can be an option. Sumba Island is located in East Nusa Tenggara –NTT, and it is known for its beautiful natural attractions. From hills, lakes, beaches, to traditional villages, these attract tourists to this island. One of the iconic natural tourism destinations in Sumba is its hilly area. Spreading from East Sumba to West Sumba, the expanse of hills throughout the Sumba area is indeed so exotic with its savanna. When it comes in the rainy season, the hills will look green and fresh, and then it will turn yellow-brown in the dry season.

There are many hills that can be visited. One of them is Lendongara Hill. Lendongara Hill offers a hilly landscape with a sea background. The green hills area is so soothing to the eyes, plus the fresh and natural air feels like being above the clouds. This place is perfect for the best photo spots, especially at sunset. This hill, which is similar to the Teletubies Hill, is included in the area of Karuni Village, Loura District. The distance to the hill from Tambolaka, the capital of Southwest Sumba Regency is about 20 kilometers. From Tambolaka Airport or Tambolaka City, it only takes less than 30 minutes by motor vehicles.

If you arrive at Lendongara Hill, you will feel amazed. The green grass-covered hill is like a carpet. It is said that when the dry season enters, the color of the natural rug will turn brown with dry grass. The undulating texture of Lendongara Hill adds to its charm. Hills and valleys crisscross like waves. The cool air and beautiful atmosphere in Lendongara are the main reasons to sit for a long time and enjoy its beauty. Being on this hill, you don't have to miss capturing every moment. The morning at sunrise or the afternoon at sunset is the right time to capture the beautiful scenery at Lendongara Hill.

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