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Binarundak is one of the typical foods in Motoboi Besar, Kotamobagu, North Sulawesi Province. However, something similar to it is also known in many parts in Indonesia. For instance, most people in North Sulawesi call it Nasi Jaha, or in Gorontalo it is known as Nasi Bulu. In some places on the island of Sumatra, Binarundak is known as Lemang.In Motoboi Besar, Binarundak has become an Icon. There is a Binarundak monument erected in the area with a height of 18 metersInaugurated by the Mayor of Kotamobagu on August 2, 2014 it stands upright and strong in the middle of the village. Eating binarundak in Motoboi Besar has become a tradition. Usually 1 week after Idul Fitri day, local people always hold the celebration of Binarundak Lebaran.  The tradition is said to be deliberately created by people who return home from other areas. Besides being a series of Idul Fitri celebrations, this tradition is also an opportunity to ask forgiveness from people at the hometown, especially the elders, for any wrongdoing made, intentionally or unintentionally, before the travelers return to their respective cities.At the peak of the celebration, tons of coconut husk and Binarundak ingredient are prepared by residents. The process is fairly unique, glutinous rice is mixed with herbs and spices such as onion, ginger, lemongrass, and coconut milk. Then a mixture of the rice and spices are put into bamboo stems covered with banana leaves inside. After that the bamboo is grilled with coconut husk and shell. Throughout the process of making Binarundak, people take turns flipping the typical food to cook evenly. When Binarundak is being pepared in every house, thick smoke will billow along the street. At this timeday , those who have not had time to visit each other during Idul Fitri fitri, will use the opportunity to do it.In the afternoon, most of the Binarundak is ready to be transported by a committee assigned to a designated place. Here, the Binarundak is set aside and served to be eaten together.

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