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Wednesday, 04 July 2018 00:00

Batu Malakasari hamlet, Bandung

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Fascination of tourism object in Bandung, West Java never stops to give surprise to tourists. Bandung as if giving innovation attracts domestic or foreign tourists. In today’s edition, Voice of Indonesia will discuss one of tourism destinations in Bandung which has natural nuance and can be enjoyed along with the family. The tourism object is Batu Malakasari hamlet. This tourism destination is located on Jalan Raya Bancaran Rencong, Malakasari, Bale Endah. Earlier, Batu Malakasari hamlet was stone mining area. The condition of its location was poor after being neglected for several years. But, someday, there was an investor, Ir. H. Waryo who came and built Batu Malakasari hamlet as tourism destination. Several months later, the dry location which was neglected, becomes interesting tourism destination. In additional to relying on its natural fascination which is beautiful and exotic, tourists who visit will be also spoiled with various educational rides.  Batu Malakasari hamlet looks like natural laboratory. Because at the place, tourists can try various kinds of interesting activities. The activities which can be conducted here are related to nature and life creature surrounding areas, such as interacting with animals like cows, sheep, rabbits and goats at animal husbandry. Here, you can also see spotted deer at the breeding, learn about agriculture and local art at the studio and Sundanese traditional house. Besides, other interesting activities are outbound, flying fox, and going down Batu hill which make you closer with the nature. Many people say that Batu Malakasari hamlet is one of completed tourism destinations in Bandung because it has many facilities. Therefore, the place is suitable to become alternative to spend holidays along with the family, especially for them who love nature. Batu Malakasari hamlet opens every day starting from 9 am until 4 pm. On weekends and holidays, this tourism object opens 30 minutes earlier and closes one hour longer than weekdays.  

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