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Mosaic of Indonesia

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Fish Quarantine and Quality Control Station (SKIPM) stated that tuna exports from Gorontalo Province to some countries in the first half of this year reached 11.9 tons. Head of SKIPM Gorontalo, Hamzah said in Gorontalo on Saturday (6/7) that the number is increasing compared with the previous years. He explained that his team recorded exported tuna 2.5 tons in January, February 1.5 tons, March 2.1 tons, April 2 tons, May 2.4 tons and June 1.3 tons. He further said that currently in Gorontalo Province, there are only five fish processing units (UPI) which can do the export because they have had certificates. He also asserted that for the export of fishery products, each fish processing unit -UPI must have Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point certificate (HACPP). HACPP is an internationally known structured method of operation which can help organizations in the food and beverage industry to identify food safety risks, prevent hazards in food security, and convey legal compliance. He further said that the quarantine station always carried out monitoring related to licensing because exports are different from domestic ones.

Indonesia Port -Pelindo III began construction of cruise ship docks and containers at Gili Mas Terminal, West Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara -NTB. The gradual investment value from the development of multipurpose terminals for cruise ships and container vessels reaches Rp 1.3 trillion. CEO of Pelindo III, Ari Askhara in his press release on Saturday (7/7) said that the Gili Mas Terminal built as a Sheet Port development can indicate that the economy of NTB region is experiencing positive growth trend and becoming the gateway of modern international tourism for Lombok Island in particular. He also explained that the growing international cruise size that can carry thousands of tourists becomes a trend that needs to be anticipated by preparing adequate infrastructure. That is the reason why Pelindo III builds Gili Mas Terminal with projection to be ready to accommodate the needs in the future. Ari Askhara further said that the construction of Gili Mas Terminal actually extends the momentum of Lombok tourism revival. Moreover, President Joko Widodo has inaugurated the operation of Special Economic Zone of  Mandalika. Seeing the magnitude of the economic potential, Pelindo III expects the support of all related parties, both regional governments and investors to collaborate to take advantage of the momentum of Lombok tourism revival by creating new tourist destinations as well as developing the concept of tourism tour packages for the growth of tourists to destinations in Lombok in a sustainable way.

Regent of Situbondo, East Java, Dadang Wigiarto said that he will optimize the promotion of Year of Visit 2019 through social media. The Government of Situbondo Regency will launch Year of Visit 2019 at the end of 2018. Regent Dadang Wigiarto said in Situbondo Regency on Saturday (7-7) that the role of every regional apparatus organization (OPD) of Situbondo Regency Government will determine the success or failure of Year of Visit 2019. Therefore, his team asks all Heads of OPD to participate in promoting tourist destinations through social media. Before the launching, all tourist destinations in Situbondo regency have already been known to the public. He also affirmed that promoting tourism requires community participation and it invites various communities to help the government succeed in the Year of Visit 2019. He also asked officials to start promoting tourist destinations through social media. So, people will also promote take part in the promotion.

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