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Saturday, 14 May 2022 06:46

Library Transformation to Create a National Digital Ecosystem

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Perform literacy greetings on it's 42nd anniverssary during a press conference - 


At the age of 42 this year, the National Library of Indonesia carries the theme "Library Transformation to Realize a National Digital Ecosystem", a very appropriate tagline to face the industrial revolution 4.0, where in recent years, National Library and all library units in Indonesia are under its auspices, continue to synergize with all changes in society.

The head of the National Library of Indonesia, Muhammad Syarif Bando, said that the library as the leading sector in developing and fostering a love of reading runs programs related to the development of literacy culture. The development of libraries in Indonesia is carried out through various information technology-based service innovations.

"Libraries as a means to provide lifelong learning resources and play an important role in educating the nation's life, are required to have capacity building, design and interactivity, as well as changing mindsets," he explained, in a press conference session held at the National Library of Indonesia Building, 24th Floor, Friday. , (13/5).

In his presentation, the Head of the National Library of Indonesia expressed his highest appreciation to all people known or unknown, who have recorded and written good things in the scope of history and development of human civilization in this country, because it is a priceless heritage which is now the main collection of the National Library of Indonesia. in conducting literacy to the community.

"Innovation of thought is far more powerful than physical warfare. Without strong reading materials, we will not have the power to think. So on this 42nd anniversary celebration, National Library of Indonesia wants to invite all parties to be able to provide reading materials," he asked.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Friday (13/05/22), literacy has a positive contribution in creating a skilled, skilled, creative, and innovative workforce. It is necessary to continue to develop the ability of workers and the workforce in adopting new tools, processes and procedures to be ready to face the industrial revolution 4.0.

Improving the quality of superior human resources (HR) who have the ability to adapt technology is very much needed, in order to support the implementation of digital-based economic transformation. This is where the library plays a role in improving the literacy skills of human resources through library transformation to create a national digital ecosystem//VOI


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