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Wednesday, 25 May 2022 22:58

Digital Literacy becomes the most important knowledge during Pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced all sectors to almost go out of business, with the exception of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The online trade route was chosen by MSMEs in order to survive.

The Proudly Made in Indonesia National Movement (BBI) initiated by President Jokowi on May 14, 2022, is an invitation to use domestic works. MSMEs are the backbone of the nation's economy.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Wednesday (25/05/22), trading via online has been chosen by MSME actors since the pandemic occurred. Even so, MSME actors are still required to develop various ideas to new innovations as solutions in the midst of problems due to the pandemic (social entrepreneurship).

The digital literacy movement that was initiated by the National Library recently is expected to penetrate all levels of society so that they can be literate without any significant obstacles. Well, strengthening literacy must be believed to be a leverage for economic recovery in the midst of a pandemic. 

Digital transformation became the main tagline this year leading to the National Library of Indonesia's efforts to provide content that can be accessed easily from anywhere and anytime and makes it easier for anyone to get new learning spaces, facilitate content creators, and collect various legal content from all ministries or institutions that can be accessed by the public.
Libraries as sources of information can have as much data and information as possible that can be legally shared with the public. Currently, libraries must be able to provide tutorials to provide space and opportunities for all Indonesian people in creating job opportunities, especially for those affected by the pandemic," added Syarif Bando.
Syarif Bando continued that digital literacy that was promoted by the National Library of Indonesia was an urgent need. The urgency is not only as a data and information center, but also to move forward to reach five literacy levels.
In addition to the ability to read, write and count, the literacy movement must also provide access to a wider range of reading materials. He continued, literacy must also reach the stage of understanding all that is implied and explicit, then be able to innovate on existing products, then arrive at the peak level, namely literacy is able to bring people to the level of being able to create goods and services independently.

"Digital literacy is very important, because in developed countries, they no longer talk about their love of reading and access to books. They have created new technology that is global," he said.

Accompanying the Head of the National Library of Indonesia, was also present the Chairman of Commission X DPR RI, Syaiful Huda, who has been concerned about alignments and high attention in the literacy movement and Indonesian reading culture.

Syaiful Huda said that media literacy will always follow its era. In the past, literacy used the media from animal skins to stone plates, for example, later times brought literacy in the form of books. Now, the internet has become a mandatory requirement of society. So, the literacy movement must be in it, so that the library is always relevant in the eyes of the public. One of them is literacy through audio.

"The National Library of Indonesia has been doing this for a long time. By digitizing content, it even encourages the expansion of its network to all regional library units," said Syaiful Huda.

Supporting the importance of this digital literacy movement, Syaiful Huda, who represents the DPR RI legislative body, gave serious support to the National Library of Indonesia's efforts to educate the nation's children.
Syaiful Huda wants the literacy movement as a collaborative effort across sectors, including ministries and institutions from the center to the village.

His party has also always affirmed that the National Library of Indonesia gets an adequate budgeting portion, to carry out the President's mandate regarding the preparation of superior Indonesian human resources.

"We often knock on doors, including the Ministry of Finance to help. This literacy movement is not an instant movement, but it is a long-term one. Moreover, today's literacy is not just reading and taking inspiration, but has to create something," he said//VOI

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