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Mosaic of Archipelago on Tuesday, July 17, 2018, the first information is that President Joko Widodo Attended Nature Studio Submission in Sleman. The second information is that Agile Platoon of Regional Military Command of Iskandar Muda ended. The last information is that  Winduaji Village Brebes Regency Won the Second Place in Central Java Village Tourism Festival.


President Joko Widodo attended Nature Studio Submission which is a set of Sultan Agung's History Film in Gamplong Village, Moyudan, Sleman, Yogyakarta from Mooryati Soedibyo Cinema founder to Sleman Regent Sri Purnomo on Sunday afternoon (15/7). The President hoped that the cinema nature studio with 2.5 hectares is an interesting tourist attraction for the community and can be used for tourism. Meanwhile, the Mooryati Soedibyo Cinema founder, Mrs. Mooryati Soedibyohas long wanted to grant a film about a national hero to Indonesian people. She said that the history of Sultan Agung Mataram has given a lot of good examples. Meanwhile, Movie Director of Sultan Agung Movie; The Untold Love Story, Hanung Bramantyo said that he wants the Nature Studio to be a cultural center so that people can have their culture, film center, and documentation center. Everyone can learn movies and learn culture so that people do not lose their own culture.


Commander of Military Regional Commandof Iskandar Muda,Major General, Abdul Hafil Fuddin officially closed the Agile Platoon raceof Kodam Iskandar Muda on the green field of Rindam Iskandar Muda on last Sunday (15/7).

Gen. Abdul Hafil Fuddin said the Agile Platoon racewas an effort from the leadership of Kodam Iskandar Muda to prepare and improve the abilities, and skills of soldiers in the unit. He said that the race was also one of the activities of the unit counseling that aims to realize the units that are ready to operate in performing the main task in a successful and efficient way. In addition, the race aims to determine to what extent the unit commanders –Dansat have carried out coaching and how Dansat’s efforts so far to prepare and improve the capabilities of the operational units.As reported previously, the competition activities held for six days, from July 9-14, 2018, in Rindam Iskandar Muda were military swimming, physical freshness, Pistol and rifle shooting, Terrain Science (Theory / Practice), cross-terrain, and running hurdles.


The last information of Mosaic of Archipelago is that Winduaji Village Brebes Regency Won the Second Place in Central Java Village Tourism Festival.

Winduaji Village, Paguyangan Sub-District, Brebes Regency successfully won the second place in Central Java Village Tourism Festival 2018. The festival held at Bung Karno Ungaran square since Friday – Sunday (July 13-15), was followed by 33 tourist village representatives from a total of 35 districts/cities in Central Java.After receiving a trophy and coaching money worth Rp 12.5 million from the Department of Youth, Sports and Tourism Central Java Province, Sunday noon (15/7), Head of Winduaji Village, Seger admitted being proud of the achievement at the provincial level.Seger further said that in the festival, Winduaji Villageexhibited a wide range of tourism potentials, ranging from attractions, culinary to typical village art and culture.For potential tourist objects, he introduced Penjalin Reservoir, Tuk Sirah Pemali tour, and Wadas Mlasah adventure tour. While in culinary, he introduced process of Marble Goby Fish (one of the typical fish in the Panjalin Reservoir), Bestak Melinjo and the original coffee of Winduaji Village.In the art and culture field, the festival also displayed standmaking leather puppet figures by the original puppeteer of Winduaji Village, Ki Suwarto. Seger added with the achievement, Winduaji Village government will be more serious in developing Winduaji as an excellent tourist village.

That was Mosaic of Archipelago.

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