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Monday, 13 June 2022 23:04

Menparekraf: 360 Events Held in Bali This Year To Boost Uplifting Economy and Open Job Opportunities

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The opening of Bali 2022 Art festival - 


Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Menparekraf/Kabaparekraf) Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno revealed that more than 360 events both on a national and international scale were held in Bali throughout 2022 as part of supporting the revival of the tourism sector and the creative economy in Bali.

"We count that more than 360 national and international scale events this year will be held in Bali. We will continue to encourage and prepare starting from events in Denpasar, as well as those in western and northern Bali," said Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno. after the opening ceremony of the "Bali 2022 Arts Festival" at the Ardha Chandra Open Theater, Denpasar, Sunday (12/6/2022) night.

Menparekraf Sandiaga said that from the beginning his party supported the continued holding of various activities in Bali as part of efforts to support Bali's recovery from the impact of the pandemic. As is known, tourism is the backbone of Bali's economy.

"For us to be concrete, since I was in charge I have moved a lot of our activities in Bali to support the revival and recovery of tourism and the creative economy. Bali's increasing economy is also supported by MSMEs," said Sandiaga.

Therefore, he will continue to encourage events to be held in Bali such as the Bali Arts Festival which involves a lot of MSME players during the activity. Including providing promotional support by maximizing digital and data-based platforms.

"We see that tonight the revival of Bali is increasingly visible. We are very supportive and hope that events like this will continue, keep the momentum going, ensure that all efforts to ensure this recovery can be maintained," said Sandiaga.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Monday (13/06/22), Deputy Governor of Bali, Tjok Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati (Cok Ace) on the same occasion expressed his appreciation for the support given by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in supporting the revival of tourism and the creative economy in Bali. The holding of the Bali Arts Festival is expected to be a milestone in the real revival of Bali.

"Although tourism has been opened in stages from October, the opening of Bali as a whole, which involves the actualized community in organizing this Bali Arts Festival, is where all regencies/cities show their hidden achievements for two years. Hopefully this can support the revival of Bali in the future, " said Cok Ace.

In the opening ceremony of the Bali Arts Festival in 2022, art performances were presented including the Bandana Manggala Yudha Children's Row Dance and a Ballet performance entitled Catur Kumba Mahosadhi, directed by ISI Denpasar in collaboration with the Usadhi Langu Studio//VOI

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