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Today in History over RRI World Service -Voice of Indonesia. We start from an event on July 19 about Inter Indonesia Conference I. 


Inter-Indonesia conference was the one which was held by Republic of Indonesia and the state of the Dutch formation that joined in Bijeenkomst voor Federaal Overleg. With the formation of Bijeenkomst voor Federaal Overleg of the Dutch, it was hoped to be able to return to power in Indonesia. But the stand of the countries which joined in Bijeenkomst voor Federaal Overleg  changed after the Dutch launched its military aggression II against Indonesia. Because of sympathy of the countries of the Dutch formation, so leaders of Republic of Indonesia could be released and Bijeenkomst voor Federaal Overleg also rendered a service in the implementation of Inter-Indonesia conference. That was the background of the implementation of the conference.


The conference was held twice, namely Inter-Indonesia Conference I which was held in Yogyakarta on July 19 – 22, 1949 and Inter-Indonesia Conference II was held in Jakarta on July 30 – August 2, 1949. In the conference I, Indonesia was led by Moh. Hatta. The conference I resulted in some agreements. Indonesia was approved under the name of the Republic of the Unitary States of Indonesia. The Republic of the Unitary States of Indonesia was headed by constitutional president and assisted by ministers who were responsible to the House of Representatives –DPR. Two representatives: DPR and Regional Representatives. The temporary federal government would receive sovereignty, not only from the Dutch but also from the Republic of Indonesia.


The next event is that in 1979, Sandinista National Liberation Frontoverthrew authoritarian powerof Somoza dynasty in Nicaragua.

Sandinista National Liberation Frontwas a political party in Nicaragua, which was established on socialism principles.  Opposition against the government of Somoza was inspired by anti-imperialism movement led by  Augusto César Sandino in 1930s. The party led a popular revolution in 1979 which overthrew political dynasty of Somoza in Nicaragua. Until now, July 19 has become the national holiday in Nicaragua and it is commemorated as Nicaragua Liberation Day. Sandinista held power for more than 12 years from 1979 - 1990. They ran democratic general election and national constitution, besides various other popular reforms. Today, the Front is one of the main parties in Nicaragua, by representing around 40 percent of voters.


And the last event is that in 1985, Sjumandjaja, one of Indonesian film directors, passed away. 

Sjumandjaja who was born in Purworejo, Central Java on August 5, 1934, was one of popular Indonesian writers and film directors. He studied at All Union State Institute of Cinematography, Moscow, Russia in 1959 - 1964. Around 16 films were made by him for 14 years of his film career. Sjumandjaja almost always received Citra awards in his every attendance at Film Indonesia Festival. The films which were produced by Sjumandjaja, are related to people’s social realities, such as ‘Si Doel Anak Betawi’ and ‘Si Mamad in 1973’, ‘Si Doel Anak Modern in 1976’, ‘Kabut Sutra Ungu in 1979’, ‘Kartini in 1982’, ‘Budak Nafsu in 1983’, and ‘Kerikil-Kerikil Tajam in 1984’.


That was Today in History.

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