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Welcome to “Indonesian Wonder,” a daily segment featuring tourism, culinary arts, fine arts and culture from various regions across Indonesia. In today’s edition, we will introduce you to Tanjung Menangis beach in Sumbawa. 

Hearing the name of the beach, Tanjung Menangis beach, certainly you feel a bit funny. Because the name of the beach was related to the past story. According to the story, Sultan Samawa was very sad to see his daughter lying down due to illness. Sultan had done anything but it did not bring about good result. Finally, Sultan held quiz that anyone who cured his daughter, would be married with her. Finally, a young man, namely Zainal Abidin  from Lawesi land could cure the princess, but the Sultan broke his promise and even chased away Zainal Abidin.


The princess, who felt in love, chased Zainal Abidin. But she did know where she should go until finally she arrived at a bay. The princess, who was loyal to wait for Zainal at the bay, cried and cried without stopping and she contemplated her destiny. That is why the beach is called ‘Tanjung Menangis’ which means the crying cape. 

Tanjung Menangis beach located in Sumbawa, Sumbawa Besar district, Sumbawa regency, West Nusa Tenggara province -NTT is well known on its beauty. The beach is clean; its water is see-through and has blue color. Its sand is very beautiful, having light brown almost white and fulfills as long as the beach. Melodious waves sound and fresh sea wind will make us feel comfortable at the beach.


Tanjung Menangis beach has also sea-park which is not quite wide, even though the sea park has many kinds of species of coral reefs and ornamental fish. Its location which is far from crowd certainly makes you be able to stay longer at the beach. 

Although there is no public transportation which passes the route to Tanjung Menangis beach, you don’t have to worry, because it is not difficult to go to the beach.  But you should rent car or use your own car. The trip takes around 30 minutes by car. The distance to Tanjung Menangis  from Sumbawa city reaches around 20 kilometers.


Meanwhile, to go Sumbawa takes long time. From Lombok, you can use bus passing the route Mataram- Sumbawa and the ticket price is Rp. 65,000 per person.  The trip takes around 3-4 hours. besides the beauty of its beach, at the end of  Tanjung Menangis, there is also a tower which is often used to monitor the sea situation. Sometimes, visitors climb the tower and enjoy scenery of the sea. Although you feel a bit tense above, you will be amazed and may forget your fright when climbing the tower. Besides, some visitors also jumps to the sea from the cliff of Tanjung Menangis. They enjoy swimming at the sea. It is fun and tense, isn’t it.  This activity is often conducted by almost all visitors who love sea. 

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