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Wednesday, 25 July 2018 13:11

Geopark Ciletuh in Sukabumi

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The name of Ciletuh Geopark is unfamiliar for some people. However, the Ciletuh Geopark is being assessed by UNESCO as global geopark. If it is passed, Ciletuh geopark will officially become global geopark as well as world’s natural heritage site which is protected. Certainly, it will make the name of Indonesia be more famous in international world on the beauty and wealth of its nature. Ciletuh Geopark is located at Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi, West Java. You can access the geopark by land transportation. To go to the tourism object, we suggest you to use rental or private car which uses double power-steering ( 4WD) machine because the road is much damaged. The trip from Jakarta takes around 7-8 hours. Ciletuh Geopark  is very wide. The area includes Ciletuh great bay which has tens of kilometers of coastal line. Tourists are free to choose which beach is suitable for swimming, such as the beach of Ciemas in Jampang district, Sukabumi.Besides the beach, tourists can also swim at waterfall. There are more than eight waterfalls which have been opened for public. But, you should be careful when swimming at the waterfall, because there are some waterfalls which have heavy stream such as Dog-dog and Cikaso waterfalls. To go to the waterfalls, tourists should do trekking and passing green trees. Another activity which can be conducted at Ciletuh Geopark is by enjoying undersea beauty. To enjoy the undersea beauty, tourists can do snorkeling at white sand spot of Kunti Island. The location can be found by walking around 10 minutes from the main beach of the geopark. Snorkeling management here is Balawisata (Tirta Tourism Savior Organization). Balawisata provides facility of rental equipment with fee Rp 100,000 per one snorkel for 45 minutes. Having been tired of doing activities at Ciletuh Geopark, you can still stay longer while enjoying the beauty of its nature. There are some camping grounds to set tent for staying overnight with fee only Rp 20,000. With the fee which is relatively cheap, you can sleep by being surrounded with amazing scenery, beginning from beach, rice field, and mountain. In addition, you can also witness exotic sunrise in the morning.

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