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Monday, 30 July 2018 12:45

Batu Angus Tourism in Maluku

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Eruption of a mountain does not always bring about sorrow or other terrible aftermath. Take for example, the remaining flow of lava resulted from the volcanic activity of Mt. Gamalama in Ternate, North Maluku  has currently become a natural ornament which is known as Batu Angus. Batu Angus is one of the most favorite tourist attractions located in Tarau, North Ternate District, Ternate City, Maluku. Batu Angus tourism is also known as the Black Gemstone of Ternate. It is called as the Black Gemstone of Ternate because Batu Angus is a sprawl of black stones resembling to charred stones. These sprawling stones stretch from Mt. Gamalama to the beach. Batu Angus is the remaining of lava resulted from the eruption of Mt. Gamalama in the 17th century and the lava that changed into the stones looks like charred stones. The name OF Batu Angus was derived from the thick black color of the stones. At a glance, there may not be something special from these stones but as you take a closer look at the stones thoroughly, you will realize another beauty from the flock of stones. There is also a historical site in the Batu Angus tourism object. The site is the location of dead Japanese soldier whose parachute could not be opened normally when he skydived from the plane during the war in 1945. In addition, several historical fortresses from the colonial period stand strongly in this tourism object, including fortresses of Oranye, Tolucco,   Kalamela, and Kastela. Lake Tolire that also becomes a favorite tourism destination in Ternate adds the remarkable panorama of Batu Angus. The tourism object that is located in the axis of outer ring road can be accessed by public transportation with the price Rp 3,000 or taxi with the price Rp 50,000 per hour. But, if you use your personal motor-vehicles, you only need to pay for the ticket worth Rp 20,000 by car and Rp 5,000 by motorcycle.

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