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Tuesday, 28 June 2022 22:59

Indonesian vice president witnesses the signing of the MOU to accelerate the implementation of public service malls

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The signing of memorandums of understanding between 17 ministries/agencies, BUMN, and public legal entities, which have basic services needed by the community through MPP - 


The National Library of Indonesia (Perpusnas) also supports efforts to accelerate the implementation of public service malls (MPP) throughout Indonesia.

Support is provided by participating in the signing of memorandums of understanding between 17 ministries/agencies, BUMN, and public legal entities, which have basic services needed by the community through MPP. This collaboration is an initiative of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB). The parties who cooperate will provide public services at the MPP according to the scope of their respective authorities.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding was witnessed directly by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ma'ruf Amin. In addition, all regional heads who will hold the MPP will take part in the virtual event.

The Vice President stated that the signing of this memorandum of understanding was an important step to realize the commitment in realizing bureaucratic reform. The Vice President hopes that the memorandum of understanding will soon be realized by putting aside sectoral egos, in order to accelerate the implementation of quality MPP.

It is explained that the government is fully responsible for providing quality public services to citizens from birth to death. "Processing birth certificates, basic health services, education, taxes and death certificates must be accessible to the public in a practical and simple way," explained the Vice President at the PANRB Ministry office in Jakarta, Tuesday (28/6/2022).

The vice president explained that the target of 100% MPP has been built throughout Indonesia by 2024. Until June 2022, as many as 59 MPP are present in the community.

"Until mid-June 2022, the number of MPPs that have been inaugurated has only reached 57 MPPs, plus 2 MPPs that are ready to be inaugurated in 2022. This means that there are only 59 MPPs or about 11% of 508 districts/cities throughout Indonesia. Thus, we still have a lot of homework to do to provide MPP in each region,” he explained.

In addition to the quantity target, the Vice President requested that the quality of the MPP be considered by evaluating its effectiveness and readiness to become a digital MPP.

"I am optimistic that we can achieve both the quantity and quality targets, if the regional heads really carry out their commitments, and the heads of ministries and central institutions provide their support," he said.

The Vice President added that the success of implementing MPP in districts/cities can be one of the benchmarks for the success of national bureaucratic reform.

Main Secretary, National Library of Indonesia, Ofy Sofiana, who was present representing the Head of National Library, said that his party was proud to be involved in providing facilities and infrastructure at MPP. According to him, the involvement of 17 agencies in this memorandum of understanding will make it easier for the public to access the management of public services.

This ease of access is in line with the National Library of Indonesia's efforts to reach the community by providing books that are easy to reach and read. In essence, the National Library of Indonesia seeks to increase the people's love of reading. At MPP, National Library of Indonesia has prepared a Digital Reading Corner (Pocadi) so that people can take care of their needs and read books.

"Because basically the National Library also has the same vision, providing easy access to the public so that the public's information needs are fulfilled, all their interests are fulfilled, and it is easier to manage all matters related to their interests," he explained.

He supports the government's efforts to build MPP in all regions in Indonesia. However, he added, this requires commitment from the local government and support from the central government.

The ad interim Minister of PANRB, Mahfud Md, explained that MPP was adapted in Indonesia since 2017. At the beginning of the implementation of the MPP policy, 4 pilot MPPs were set, namely MPP DKI Jakarta, Batam, Surabaya, and Banyuwangi. The concept of implementing the MPP is an initiation that begins with the results of studies, imitation, and excellent public service practices through the concept of a public service hall in Georgia and Asan Xidmat in Ajerbaizan.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Tuesday (28/06/22), to encourage the implementation of MPP in districts/cities, efforts will be made to strengthen and accelerate it, namely strengthening the commitment of leaders, especially in the regions to support the implementation of MPP, strengthening support from DPRD regarding budgeting policies in the regions for the formation of MPP, and strengthening understanding of the concept of implementing MPP and its impacts. to public service reform//VOI

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