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Friday, 27 July 2018 13:56

Eddy Silitongan

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We will present Indonesian regional song, from Gorontalo.Eddy Silitongan is known as one of Indonesian top pop singers. Besides being popular singer, he is also skilled in singing regional songs like “Dabu Dabu”. Dabu Dabu is a kind of spicy flavouring.This spicy flavouring is often used in North Sulawesi seafood, specially grilled fish. However, the “Dabu Dabu” song does not tell the Sulawesi special food with Dabu Dabu flavouring. This song tells the beauty of an island. “Binte Biluhuta” is different from the previous one because it tells Gorontalo special food. In Indonesian language, Binte or bunde means corn, while Biluhuta means being poured. If we combine them, Binte Biluhuta means the poured corn. So, Binte Biluhuta is Gorontalo special food which is soup with corn added with fish or shrimp and they are flavoured in such a way. The taste is sweet, sour, and spicy. “Hulondalo Lipu’u” describes someone’s love towards Gorontalo City as his birth land.

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