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Saturday, 28 July 2018 00:00


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Welcome back with me ….in Music Corner, a musical segment which introduces you to Indonesian music-either traditional or modern one. In today’s edition, we will introduce you Stereomantic. 

The song entitled Insomnia tells about a person suffering from Insomnia or known also as the difficulty of having sleep. His insomnia is actually caused by his past reminiscences that keep haunting him on his dream. Through this song, the man expresses his hope that his sweetheart can compensate the time he had wasted in order to attempt to sleep. 

Stereomantic is a duo music group consisting of Aroel as the electronic synth and guitar player and Maria Ferrari as the lead vocalist. The name “Stereomantic” was derived from the word “stereo” which means balance and “romantic” which means romantic. The name of “Stereomantic” implies another meaning that the duo group possesses balance power both in their music and in their lyrics and those features are packaged in romantic composition. 

Presented in joyful arrangement, this song entitled “Hingga Ku Tiada” envisages a story about two lovers that always spend their time together even though this wonderful tale is only a depiction of imagination. The character of this song hopes he can accompany his lover for the rest of his life.


Stereomantic started their career in 2006 with their pop-electronic genre. The early works of Stereomantic achieved grand success in public at that time. However, in 2017, Stereomantic decided to change their genre from pop electronic to acoustic or ordinary pop. Despite of their change, Stereomantic’s fans remain loyal to devote their love and support for the duo group. 


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