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Mosaic of Indonesia

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The Center for the Conservation of Natural Resources -BBKSDA of Papua invites residents and various parties to care for endemic animals in eastern Indonesia. Head of BBKSDA Papua, Timbul Batubara said in Jayapura, on Saturday that his side has just received the result of the operated animals recently from the Law Enforcement Center for Environment and Forestry Section in Jayapura. He said that 38 birds have been received and will be treated in transit cage. He urged the related stakeholders to be more concerned and aware that Papuan endemic animals are becoming increasingly scarce. Timbul Batubara also stated that the habitat destruction and poaching are the main causes of declining populations in the wild. The same thing was also expressed by Technical Head of BBKSDA for Papua, Askhari Masikki. He said if we care, we have to be actively involved to take care of it. After all, they are more beautiful when living freely in the wild. Askhari added that now, BBKSDA for Papua also has already a call center with the number 0823-9802-99-78 that can be contacted at any time.

The 10th Banyumas Serayu Festival 2018 becomes an event to promote the potential of marine tourism, especially in the Serayu River, Banyumas Regency. Head of Serayu Tourism Society –PMPS, Eddy Wahono in Purwokerto, Banyumas Regency, said that the event to be held on August 11-12 is the idea of Balai Besar Serayu River Region Opak -BBWSO and PMPS to promote Serayu River exoticism. Eddy also said that the idea is based on the background of changing people's livelihood from sand mining activities in Serayu Riverto be become tourist actors in the river. After running four times, the festival is included in the tourism agenda of Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism Office of Banyumas Regency. Head of the 10th Banyumas Serayu Festival 2018 Committee, Imam Basroil said that in this event, his side carries the theme "Knitting the Edge of Serayu" which contains the meaning of utilization and the management of marine resources by involving many parties, namely related institutions, communities, and tourism actors. On a separate occasion, Head of Tourism Department of Youth, Sports, Culture, and Tourism, Banyumas Saptono admitted that previously, the Banyumas Serayu Festival 2018 was scheduled for July 28-29. However, the implementation is changed to 11-12 August 2018 due to technical constraints, such as the construction of a railway bridge over the Serayu River which has been for the route of ornamental boat carnival.

At Car Free Day of Banda Aceh City on Jl. Daud Beureueh, Banda Aceh Mayor, Aminullah Usman along with Natural Resource Conservation Center -BKSDA of Aceh and Tiger Heart Community held Global Tiger Day commemoration 2018 on Sunday (29/7). The commemoration with the theme "Local Wisdom for Sumatran Tiger Conservation" was attended by hundreds of visitors of Car Free Day. Various actions were held in the commemoration, such as Face Painting, Sumatran Tiger Preservation Oration, Coloring competition, Lion Dance Performance, Photo Exhibition, and Bazaar. In his speech, Mayor, Aminullah pointed out that it’s important to conserve the endangered Sumatran tigers. The Sumatran tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrae) are the sub-species of tiger from three sub-tigers owned by Indonesia besides Javanese tiger and Balinese tiger, which has been declared extinct. Sumatran tigers are now very endangered due to their  increasingly narrow habitat.

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