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Saturday, 23 July 2022 00:00

Bengkawah Waterfall in Central Java

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Pemalang regency belongs to Central Java Province. The capital city of Pemalang regency is Pemalang. It has one of the tourism destinations namely Bengkawah waterfall which has become one of the unique tourism destinations until now. It is widely visited because of its instagrammable spot. Bengkawah waterfall has a water source which comes from the Kluweh river. The location of the Bengkawah waterfall is precisely located on Sikasur Simpur road, in Sikasur village, Randudongkal district, Pemalang Regency, Central Java.

The expanse of forest which surrounds the Bengkawah waterfall is a very exotic natural scenery. It makes the location of the Bengkawah waterfall highly recommended to visit, particularly for lovers of natural tourism. When you are here, you will also find a lot of animals, such as monkeys going in and out. The water in the Bengkawah waterfall is famous for its clarity and has never experienced a period of drought; the river water continuously flows through the rocks and flows into a natural pool at the bottom of the Bengkawah waterfall which has depth around 3 meters.

Bengkawah waterfall is also often said as the Twin waterfall, because there are two streams of water separated by rocks. The waterfall is about 20 meters high. Despite the freshness of the water being very tempting, visitors are recommended not to swim at the location since the water flow is quite heavy and dangerous. Therefore, most visitors enjoy the atmosphere by only playing in the water on the edge of the pond and also enjoying the view by taking photos. Even, many visitors may camp around the waterfall.

To visit the tourism location of Bengkawah Waterfall, you can use a private vehicle or public transportation. For you who take public transportation, such as buses and other vehicles, you can stop at Randudongkal District and afterwards, please continue by using a taxi motorbike.  You don't need to worry to have a vacation here because the manager of the waterfall has provided quite complete facilities, such as food courts, rest area and other facilities. 

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