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Written by  Rahma
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The Maluku region is blessed with a row of exotic beaches. The beaches in the Maluku area do offer a beauty that is so enchanting for visitors, to present a different feel from beaches in other areas. One of the beaches that has extraordinary appeal for tourists is Batu Lubang Beach.

This beach is called Batu Lubang or Hole Rock, because on this beach visitors can find a rock with a big hole in it. The ship-shaped hill has a hole measuring approximately 2.5 meters and a width of 3 meters. That is why this beach is named Batu Lubang or Hole Rock or sometimes, Batu Kapal or Ship Rock. This hole is located between coral cliffs that protrude into the beach. Through the hole, sea water enters, so in this area the water is so calm that you can even say without waves. Visitors can play in the water as they please comfortably

There is something that makes Batu Lubang beach different from other beaches. In general, the shoreline is decorated with white sand, but at Batu Lubang beach along the coast you will find natural stone with an oval shape, flat and gray in color. This beach is even more interesting, because the natural stones that fill the shoreline seem to be deliberately arranged like an artificial garden. Interestingly, the rocks are neatly arranged naturally without human intervention. The oval stones are comfortable to step on, so you don't have to worry if you want to walk around the beach without using footwear.

Batu Lubang Beach which is nicknamed Heaven in Ambon Bay does have an incomparable beauty. The sea water is very clear, clean bluish color without thrash, like clear glass. The calm currents make visitors still able to see with naked eyes, a collection of colorful small fish playing above the coral field. You don’t need to dive to the bottom of the sea first to see the underwater scenery.

To visit Batu Lubang Beach, from Pattimura Airport, you only need approximately 10 minutes. The road access is easy and good enough so that it can be passed by various kinds of vehicles. Meanwhile, from Ambon city, it takes about 50 minutes. This beach does not have operating hours, because this is a natural tourist destination. On this beach, besides being able to surround the Perforated Rock cliff, you can also test your adrenaline by jumping from the top of the cliff. The thing to remember, because the size of the cliff is quite high, you have to be careful.

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