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Monday, 25 July 2022 11:40

Ngaturang Buah Tradition in Bali

Written by  Rahma
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Sidatapa Village, Banjar District, is one of the villages rich in local durian production. When the harvest season arrives, there is a unique ritual performed by the local residents. The ritual is carried out with the offering of durian, which is produced through a “Naturang Buah” ceremony. This tradition has been going on from generation to generation, possibly from 735 Saka or around 767 AD. Ngaturan fruit ceremony is usually held for three days. The ritual is held as a form of gratitude and an expression of gratitude to the God who cares for the plants.

The ritual of "Naturang Buah" is performed at Bale Agung Temple. Each resident brings three durians. The women carry durians by placing them in a besek. Meanwhile, the men carry it by using a kisa, or chicken cage, which is made of coconut leaves. The ceremony is continued in the garden at home. On the first day, villagers are required to bring three durians. If anyone has other fruits, they are welcome to collect them at the temple. On the second day, the community is again obliged to bring two durians. Meanwhile, on the third day, only one durian must be brought. The residents do not dare to violate it and they understand very well that if by chance there is no fruit in the garden, they can buy or even ask relatives or neighbors.

The ritual tradition ends with a prayer together. After the prayer, the villagers are invited to return to their respective homes by bringing back the fruit they have offered. Based on their belief, in the past, the Ngaturang Buah tradition was carried out, and residents were not allowed to present the fruit they harvested at home or in the garden. The first offering must be at the Village Temple, as a form of gratitude to Sanghyang Sangkara, the god of plants, and also the ancestors who came from Mount Raung.

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