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Written by  Rahma
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If one travels to Kuningan, West Java, he or she may find various interesting tourism objects. There are Linggarjati negotiation building, Sangkanhurip Natural Hot Springs, Putri Waterfall, Cipatri Archaeological Park and some tourism attractions. It’s incomplete to travel to Kuningan, if you haven't enjoyed the delicious culinary specialties. There are several dishes that you should try. One of them is Nasi Kasreng. Nasi Kasreng is a culinary specialty of the Luragung area, Cibingbin. The food menu is simple. Nasi Kasreng consists of rice with the main menu, namely rebon or dried shrimp, cassava leaf salad, bean sprouts and special condiment. The way of wrapping it is also unique by using rice wrapping paper that is folded pointedly upwards like a cone.

Nasi Kasreng tastes so delicious. It's even more delicious when you eat it with french fries; piya-piya or commonly known as bakwan, and dage made from a mixture of fermented coconut pulp, such as oncom. In the past, fresh vegetables used cassava leaves. But now, the vegetables are raw bean sprouts. Nasi kasreng stalls can be found in markets or main streets. They have been open since morning. At Luragung Market, Kuningan, there is a special block where the Nasi Kasreng traders sell. They occupy stalls that have been provided by market managers. At each of these stalls, buyers can eat while witnessing the process of cooking side dishes, which accompany Nasi Kasreng. The price of a pack of Nasi Kasreng ranges from Rp2 thousand to Rp3 thousand.

Nasi Kraseng appeared around the 1970s and it was first introduced by a trader named Kasri. Every 4 o'clock in the morning, he brought a large amount of rice to be sold with the side dishes. His merchandise customers often said "Sarapan heula yu di Makasreng" or in English means "let's have breakfast in Makasreng first". Gradually, Mak Kasri became known as the Nasi Kasreng trader. Because many people like Nasi Kasreng, Kasri also passed down the Nasi Kasreng recipe to his children. Then, it turns out until now; Nasi Kasreng has been adopted by many people and has become Luragung's specialty until now.

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