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Friday, 05 August 2022 11:39

Kipo, Typical food of Kota Gede, Yogyakarta

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Kotagede in Yogyakarta is one of the tourism assets of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The unique character of local culture, strong customs, and many culinary flavors from Kotagede are some of the characteristics of Yogyakarta tourism. One of the typical foods from Kotagede which is quite famous for having a distinctive taste is Kipo.

For people of Yogyakarta, Kipo is familiar. Because Kipo actually comes from the Javanese language, namely Iki Opo which in Indonesian language means "What is this?". The first name of this food said, in 1964 when he started his business, he did not know what this food was named. At that time, one by one, the buyer came and asked in Javanese, "Iki Opo?" "Iki Opo" then the food was given the name Kipo which is abbreviated from Iki Opo.

this green Kipo is one of the traditional cakes that are usually sold in the traditional markets. The process of making it, is very simple. The first thing that must be prepared is a mixture of glutinous rice flour which is given a green color, and then it is given coconut milk and a little salt. This green color comes from suji leaves. Afterward,  for the contents, grated coconut is mixed with Javanese sugar mixture, which is also called enten-enten. After that, the glutinous rice flour dough is folded, filled with ingredients, and placed on a charcoal-heated clay pan. Before being heated on a frying pan, it is lined with banana leaves, then the kipo-kipo are lined up with 5-8 pieces lengthwise. Kipo-kipo is baked for 2-3 minutes. To produce good and ripe kipo, kipo must be turned over until well-cooked. After that, the Kipo is lifted with the banana leaves and then grouped together with 4-5 Kipo. The aroma of kipo, which comes from the juice of suji leaves, coconut, sugar, and banana leaves, is really distinctive.

For those of you who visit Kotagede, you will definitely regret it if you don't taste Kipo, which has an affordable price. This food is also recommended for tourists who want to bring a Kipo as a souvenir but must remember the time because this Kipo can not last long. That's Indonesian Wonder for today‚Äôs edition. We will meet you again tomorrow at the same event. This is the Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta. (VOI)


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