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Saturday, 17 September 2022 08:58

ASEAN Ladies Circle Forum in Beijing becomes an exhibition of National Kebaya

Written by  Rahma
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The  ASEAN Ladies Circle Forum in Beijing on Tuesday (13/9) exhibited various kinds of kebaya (Javanese long-sleeved blouses and dresses for women). At least  8 kinds of kebaya, such as Labuh,  Karancang, Encim, Kartini, Kutubaru, Bali, Ambon and modern traditional clothes were demonstrated by Dharma Wanita women's organization in Beijing before diplomatic women from ASEAN countries and friendly countries. Chairwoman of the Beijing Dharma Wanita women's organization, Sih Elsiwi Handayani Oratmangun pointed out that her side highlighted the kebaya because it is not only a national cultural heritage, but also a representation of the identity of Indonesian women. She hopes that through the exhibition, participants understand the history of the kebaya and its role in shaping the culture of the archipelago.

Apart from the Indonesian kebaya exhibition,  the event also featured the launch of a book entitled “Flavors of Indonesia” which is a compilation of home-cooked typical recipes of the archipelago, such as rendang (meat slow-cooked in coconut milk and spices), Soto Wonosobo savory soup, ayam betutu (Balinese spiced chicken) and jalangkote (fried pastry). Besides women from ASEAN diplomatic circles, the event held in Wisma Duta of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing was also attended by Director of General Affairs and Coordination Division of the ASEAN-China Center, Hong Li and women from representative offices of several friendly countries, such as Pakistan, Turkey, Madagascar, Algeria, Cameroon, Bahrain, and China. The invitees were served various types of typical snacks and beverages of the archipelago, such as risoles (Indonesian fried spring rolls), croquettes, tempeh, pandan cake, dadar gulung filled with grated coconut that has been cooked in a palm sugar sauce, chicken satay, bubur sumsum (rice flour porridge with palm sugar sauce),  and pickled fruit.

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