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Saturday, 29 October 2022 13:53

Indonesia is the most generous country in the world

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Indonesia has been named the most generous country in the world according to the World Giving Index (WGI) 2022. The annual report on global generosity, released by the Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) on Friday (21/10), confirmed Indonesia in first place with a score of 68 percent. According to the Chief Executive of the Public Interest Research and Advocacy Center, Hamid Abidin in his statement on Saturday ( 22/10), this shows the strong tradition of donating to the Indonesian people, which is inspired by religious teachings and local traditions that have been practiced for decades. The pandemic condition also did not affect the interest and enthusiasm for donating to the Indonesian people and only had an impact on the amount and form of donations donated.

Hamid also assessed that Indonesia's achievement as the most generous country in the world was influenced by religious history. In addition to the influence of religious teachings, he views this is also the success of philanthropic activists, especially Islamic philanthropy in raising, managing and utilizing religious donations as well as contributing to this achievement. Islamic philanthropic institutions, especially ZISWAF management bodies and institutions (Zakat, Infaq, Alms and Waqf) have metamorphosed into modern philanthropic institutions. According to Hamid, Islamic philanthropy has developed a strategy of raising conventional and digital religious donations, as well as implementing transparent and accountable donation management standards. In addition, he also remarked that the use of ICT is also a milestone for philanthropic institutions to be able to continue operating during the pandemic and facilitate the distribution of donations from the public.

Based on the 2022 World Giving Index (WGI) data index, Indonesia has a total presentation of 68 percent, 3 percent lower than the score in the previous year. This achievement places Indonesia as the most generous country for 5 consecutive years. CAF's research results show that 84 percent of Indonesians donated money in 2021, much higher than the global average score (35 percent). The percentage of Indonesians who participate in volunteer activities is also high (63 percent), almost 3 (three) times higher than the global average (23 percent). Meanwhile, the percentage of citizens who donated to foreigners was 58 percent, slightly lower than the global average (62 percent).

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