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Monday, 06 August 2018 10:15

President Attends Remembrance and Prayer Events in Welcoming the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary

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President Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla attended the Remembrance and Prayer for the Nation, which is part of a series of events welcoming the Republic of Indonesia 73rd Anniversary in 2018, on the front yard of Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (1/8) night. Starting his speech, the President invited the people to be grateful for the grace that God gave in the 73 years of independence. The President also reminded that Indonesia is a large and diverse nation with many differences such as ethnicity, regional language, customs, traditions and religion. These are the gift from God to the people of Indonesia who should be grateful of. Awareness as a great nation, according to the President, is the main thing because when compared with other countries such as Singapore and Afghanistan which have fewer tribes, Indonesia is endowed with diversity and pluralism. These differences will become a strength, a potential if the Indonesian people unite, because the nation's greatest asset is unity, harmony and brotherhood. The President also reminded that Indonesia was also blessed by God with abundant natural resources.The Head of State reiterated the importance of maintaining Islamic brotherhood and ukhuwah wathoniyah as the key values ​​of unity, harmony and brotherhood that must be maintained. The holding of regional head elections, including the regent, governor, and also the presidential election, according to the Head of State, should not make a fractured relationship among neighbors and villages. The President reminded that the grace of God given to the Indonesian people is the independence, achieved by a very long struggle. Because, added the President, many freedom fighters, heroes, Islamic clerics, and students were killed on the battlefield during the war of independence. Mutual respect and understanding, according to the President, became a manifestation of the sense of brotherhood among compatriots and countrymen. He also added that the democratic process or elections that took place recently should not cause disparagement and ridicule among fellow countrymen. The President hopes that such remembrance and prayer events can be held on August 1 every year.Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council-MUI Ma'ruf Amin who was also present at the event expressed the hope for Allah SWT help to the Indonesian people, through the holding of Dhikr and the National Prayer in welcoming the 73rd Anniversary of Indonesian Independence. Also present at the event were several cabinet ministers and other dignitaries.

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