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Friday, 25 November 2022 19:14

Tunisian Ambassador: Indonesia, Tunisia Could Cooperate through football

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VOI News : Indonesia and Tunisia have strong bilateral cooperation. Those countries keep their commitment to continuously strengthen the relations. Even, both countries can cooperate in the field of sport. It was conveyed by Ambassador of Tunisia to Indonesia, H.E. Riadh Dridi at the special interview with RRI Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta (25/11).

“Since Tunisia has experience in football for example qualification to the World Cup who can collaborate more for example to exchange experiences or training of players or maybe one day you can see the Tunisia and Indonesia team playing a football game. So, there are lots of perspectives in cooperation,” the Ambassador explained.

Furthermore, by having a good history of bilateral relations,Riadh Dridi pointed out that both countries are able to develop potential cooperation in the future.

In sports and many other fields in a different field economic and cultural relations. So Tunis and Indonesia have a history of very good relations. So we have growing potential of cooperation in the future, especially in sport we have a lot of possibilities to cooperate more in the future,” Ambassador Riadh pointed out.

The Ambassador further said that trade has become the main focus of the cooperation of both countries. Therefore,the opportunity must be used well to boost economic cooperation.

“Tunisia is one of the important exporters of dates to Indonesia and would like to develop more trade-in dates and be more expanded to other you know Commodities like olive oil like you know other commodities. The future is bright, we have a lot of opportunities to develop trade and even invest it between the two countries. So, the two governments are working in order to encourage you know the private sector to connect more and to do business between the two and we are discussing in the future may be preferential trade agreement between the two countries which would facilitate more and the encouragement of more a trade and economic cooperation between Tunisia and Indonesia,” Riadh Dridi conveyed. (VOI)

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